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Das Große Rauschen: The Metamorphosis of Radio

Acoustic Radiator is a site-specific sound installation created for Radio Revolten International Radio Art Festival in Halle, Germany in September-October 2016. The building in which it is housed was abandoned for 15 years prior to the festival occupying it for – installation spaces, a radio station, offices and a performance space. The installation uses a high frequency RF receiver to receive the packets sent from a wifi router, and translates them into audible sound. These fast tapping packet rhythms are used as a clock, and sent to a modular synthesizer. The synthesizer subdivides the rhythms, and sends them to three modified speakers that vibrate a door, two radiators found in the building, and a subwoofer also buried under a pile of radiators. The lighting used in the installation was also found in a discarded pile in the building.

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 10.16.55 AM

RadioRevolten 2
Internationales Radiokunst-Festival

International Radio Art Festival
Halle (Saale), Germany
1 – 30 Oktober 2016

Henk Bakker (NL)  Steve Bates (CA)  Xentos ‚Fray‘ Bentos (UK)  Dinah Bird (UK/FR)
John Bisset (UK)  Alessandro Bosetti (IT)  Andrea-Jane Cornell (CA)  Peter Courtemanche (CA)
Chris Cutler (UK)  Hartmut Geerken (DE)  Irina Gheorghe (RO)  Fernando Godoy M (CL)
Lucinda Guy (UK)  Joyce Hinterding (AU)  Reni Hofmüller (AT)  Barbara Kaiser (AT)
Ivor Kallin (UK)  Tetsuo Kogawa (JP)  Jeff Kolar (US)  Konrad Korabiewski (PL/DK/IS)
Caroline Kraabel (UK)  Rogerio Krepski (BR)  Felix Kubin (DE)  Marold Langer-Philippsen (DE)
LIGNA (DE)  Emmanuel Madan (CA)  Sally Ann McIntyre (NZ)  Leandro Nerefuh (BR)
Neue Vocalsolisten (DE)  Udo Noll (DE)  Aki Onda (JP)  Anne Laure Pigache (FR)
Alina Popa (RO)  Anna Raimondo (IT)  Jean-Philippe Renoult (FR)  Resonance Radio Orchestra (UK)
Willem de Ridder (NL)  Tom Roe (US)  Kristen Roos (CA)  Gabi Schaffner (DE)
Lukas Simonis (NL)  Maia Urstad (NO)  Mark Vernon (UK)  Myke Dodge Weiskopf (US)
Gregory Whitehead (US)  Tamara Wilhelm (AT)  XTO (BR)  Rodrigo Ríos Zunino (CL)


I’m performing a new piece called Thrum at Trans-X in Toronto May 25th.
The piece uses radios and recordings made in the machine room of the Surrey Art Centre. I’m also on a panel: Locating the transmission
& Transmitting the location, and giving a contact mics building workshop. For details click on the link above.