fleeting components

Fleeting Components Ep. 3- Kristen Roos’ Electrosmog

Fleeting Components is a micro doc series following the experimental radio broadcasting platform, RADIUS through it’s year long series, GRIDS. The GRIDS series consists of four mobile commissioned radio broadcasts at four different Chicago geographical locations throughout the 2014 calendar year.

Radius Ep 54 – theradius.us/grids

Electrosmog is concerned with themes of electromagnetism and material processes which sonify inaudible events. Using an electrosmog high frequency receiver, Roos captures sounds produced by mobile phones, wireless phones, wifi, microwaves, and other electronic devices (between 800 MHz – 2.5 GHz). Important to electrosmog is that wifi operates on the same frequency as a microwave oven (2.4GHz), and when modulated into audible frequencies, wifi sounds like pops and clicks and a microwave creates a deep drone.