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Artist Statement

My work explores a fascination with the outside – what lies beyond standard perception, cognition and experience. This fascination has led me to create work with transmission, audible and inaudible frequencies, electromagnetism and tactile vibration. What intrigues me about working with these mediums is the ability to add and subtract layers of perception to an observer’s experience of his or her surroundings. The temporary structures that I create through these investigations hope to inspire infinite interpretations for the objects and spaces that make up the world around us, by reconstructing them into new vibrating forms. A prominent feature of this work is the exploration of infrasound and electromagnetic radiation through material processes that sonify inaudible events. These muted sounds and tactile vibrations implicitly suggest a primal association, mingling with the deep droning noises of modernization and labor, the spectral resonant shimmer of the past, present and future.


Kristen Roos (b.1975) is a Vancouver based artist whose practice includes site-specific installations, sound design for dance, and performance. Some of the spaces and events he’s created work for include – Ars Electronica 2017 (Linz), Wave Farm 2017 (Acra, NY), Kunstradio 2017 (Vienna), RadioRevolten 2016 (Halle), ISEA 2015,  Radius (Chicago), Studio Loos (the Hague),  velak (Vienna) interpenetration (Graz),  noise=noise (UK) VIVO Media Arts & Vancouver New Music Festival (Vancouver), Surrey Art Gallery (Surrey, BC), Nuit Blanche & NAISA (Toronto), Skol & Articule (Montreal), Sound Symposium & Eastern Edge Gallery (Newfoundland), La Chambre Blanche & Le Lieu (Quebec City), Destroy Vancouver & Quiet City & Big Joy (Vancouver).

Kristen holds a BFA from Concordia University and an MFA from the University of Victoria, which focused on a series of site-specific micro radio broadcasts (published in Islands of Resistance).  He has received funding for numerous projects through the Canada Council for the Arts, a Mayors Arts Award for a live work artist residency with the City of Vancouver in 2010, and a People’s choice award for his Ghost Station installation at Nuit Blanche Toronto in 2007. He has designed and composed sound for several choreographers including Company 605 and Justine Chambers. His writing on sound and radio art appears in the Radius GRIDS booklet published by Half Letter Press (Chicago 2015), the Errant Bodies publication Radio Territories (Berlin, 2007) and the New Star Books publication Islands of Resistance: Pirate Radio in Canada (Vancouver, 2010).

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