2005 : micro radio

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The micro radio project started as a site-specific sound and radio project in 2005. This involved collecting sounds from a given area, and using these sounds in compositions that were broadcast within the sites that they had been collected. The sounds were stored on my laptop and broadcast using a low-power radio transmitter.The archived micro radio website can be viewed here

Performances have taken place at La Chambre Blanche, Interactive Futures, Signal and Noise, Newfoundland Sound Symposium, and Deep Wireless Festival of Radio Art. Writing on the micro radio project is also featured in New Star Books 2011 publication:  Islands of Resistance: Pirate Radio in Canada, and sounds and writing from the original 2005 broadcasts appear in the 2007 Errant Bodies Publication Radio Territories.

Using records (dubplates), cassettes, and a radio transmitter to perform live sound collage makes nod to the history of the phonograph, tape and radio as tools for the development of experimental sound art. Giving an alternative use for mediums that are largely used for commercial media is also a Situationist technique—detournement, in which a familiar medium is repurposed to create something new.