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XTCC Special for Coating

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For its small particle size and large surface area, XTCC possesses surface effect, small size effect, and macroscopic quantum tunneling effect which its ontology block doesn’t have. If XTCC is used in coating industry, which has already been an overarching trend these years, the coating products will possess many special properties and new application. Our XTCC special for coating has the properties of small and uniform particle size, good dispersibility, high brightness, easy to grind and disperse, and can be wetted entirely. It can be widely applied in various kinds of water-based and powder coating. The advantages are as followed.
1.Improve properties of coating. The properties of coating with XTCC include uniform coating, quick drying, good optical capability, smooth surface, flamboyant color, good texture, excellent thixotropy, and adjustable rheological property. Meanwhile, the other properties can also be improved, such as storage stability, scrub resistance, drying speed, film-forming ability, film strength and flame retardant, heat insulation, fire protection ability.
2.Enhance shielding effect. It can decrease the free volume between pigment and film former greatly, and enhance film former’s binding force with nano filler. It enormously improve coating’s mechanical strength and reduce capillary action, thus to enhance the shielding capability.
3.Strengthen protective capability. Due to its special surface effect, it can shield both UVA and UVB. With XTCC, the corrosion prevention and ultraviolet absorption ability of coating matrix will be improved. For its resistance to atmospheric corrosion and ultraviolet radiation, the anti-degradation, antitarnish and resistance of aging capability of film will be increased. So it can be used in exterior wall coating together with other functional materials, which is called “air condition coating”.
4.Reinforce antibacterial and deodorant function. Because of nano particle’s macroscopic quantum tunneling effect, under the natural light and certain humidity, it can activate the oxygen in the air. For its strong chemical activity, it can take oxidizing reaction with various organic matter(including the organic matter in bacteria), thus to kill most virus and bacteria. Therefore, “green product”, which is antibiosis and deodorant, can be produced by adding XTCC in water-based latex paint. Besides, if used in building materials, such as sanitary ware, interior space and appliances, it will show the sterilization and cleaning effect.
5.Decrease the cost. It can heavily replace the titanium dioxide, which is very expensive. Meanwhile, it will decrease the dosage of other auxiliaries, such as thickener, dispersing agent, and adhesive in binder. So it can greatly reduce the production cost of coating.
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